Wind transducer data to Corepak 150 autopilot computer with Seatalk to Seatalk ng converter in network

When multiple Seatalk instruments are connected to i50s by a Seatalk to Seatalk ng converter, a Seatalk autopilot will usually be connected directly to the multifunction display. The autopilot cannot be connected to any device on the converter's Seatalk spur. 


1. If there is no MFD, how do I get wind tranducer data to the Corepak 150/ST6001 autopilot system.

2. In this case, how should cables be connected?

3. Why is it unadvisable to connect the autopilot into the Seatalk spur?

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1. What is the Wind instrument?  Is it a Seatalk device? The i50 instrument displays can work via Seatalk using the Seatalk to Seatalk NG adapter cable that comes with the i50 instrument display.

2. Need more specific information about the components in the system.

3. A ST6001, Type 150 CC, can not be connected to a Seatalk Spur because those Seatalk devices do not have a Seatalk NG interface.

1. The Wind transducer is connected to an ST50+ which is a Seatalk device.

2. Components are a Type 150 CC computer cabled to an ST6001 controller which is not yet cabled to 4 ST50+s which are cabled to a Seatalk to Seatalk ng converter which is cabled to 2 i50s as repeaters. 12V from the distribution panel is supplied to the Seatalk to Seatalk ng converter.

3. The ST6001/150 CC will talk to the ST50+s since all are Seatalk (as opposed to Seatalk ng). 

According to the operators manual for the converter, "the autopilot cannot be connected to any device on the converter's Seatalk spur".


A. Could it be that the manual should read: The autopilot cannot be connected to any device on the converter's Seatalk NG spur (but can be connected to devices on a Seatalk spur)?

B. A concern I have is supplying 12 volts to the converter and additional voltage through the red Seatalk wire from the 150 CC. Will this damage the equipment? 

C. If two 12 V inputs are a problem, then I could disconnect just the red wire from the CC 150 and only connect the yellow data wire and unshielded negative/rf screen wire. In other words voltage would be supplied only to the converter which would power all instruments and the autopilot controller. Is this recommended?

A.  The manual has yet to be amended, since the original version of software.  Autopilot data can now be connected with the current revision of software V1.21.

Voltage should be coming from the converter, and the connection you have described in C option is the recommended way to provide power to this system.

thank you Mr. Underway. JD

Anytime.  Contact us if you have any further questions.  

I am not getting speed information from my Airmar 2039901 transducer to my St50 plus. The reading is 0.0 kn and the transducer is clean. I have checked the connection and it is mechanically good. I have an i50 speed on the mast and I don't get any reading there either. Is there a way to test further to see if the problem is the transducer or the St50 plus? I don't mind upgrading to newer instruments but my auto pilot is a Corepak 150 and ST6001 controller and an autohelm MB 113 drive motor. I don't want to replace the auto pilot units. If I upgrade to the i50 tridata and the i60 wind do I need to replace the depth and speed transducers and the wind transducer? Thank you.

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