Hi, I have an extensive Raymarine system installed in my sailboat. I am about to upgrade several components, including replacing the E80 and E120 MFDs with an e95 and e125. However from the manual and looking at this forum, I can see no way to do that via wired or wireless networks. On the E120, I could upload via NMEA0183 and a Bluetooth bridge. 

This seems like a large step backwards. Is there really no way to transfer waypoints and routes, other than writing an SD card and physically carrying it to the unit? These are supposed to be networked displays, no? They have WiFi, Bluetooth, 0183, eNet, NMEA 2000 but cannot transfer a file on any of them?

It might have been less of an issue but the Lighthouse user interface makes it pretty hard to add and name waypoints - lots of menus and button pushing. 

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Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Jon,

Thanks for the product feedback.

Waypoint/route synchronization is indeed possible via a wired interface or via Wi-Fi.  Raymarine Voyage Planner and Fugawi Marine 5 software will support such transfer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or microSD memory card.  Transferring waypoint data between the E-Series Classic MFDs and the a/c/e/gS-Series MFDs is a simple matter of saving the waypoints, routes, and track from the E-Series Classic MFDs to a CF memory card, copying the Archive.fsh file stored on the CF memory card to a microSD memory card, and then commanding the a/c/e/gS-Series MFD to retrieve the data from the microSD memory card.  

There is no question that waypoint/route planning can be far faster and convenient to perform using a computer based navigational application than the user interface of a MFD.  For that reason, the MFDs support waypoint/route/track transfer via memory card.  However, the actual number of button presses required to transfer waypoint and routes via memory card is very similar to that which would have been required to transfer the data via NMEA 0183 communications protocol as it was with your E-Series Classic MFDs.  Data transfer has also been improved within the latest generation of MFDs (a/c/e/gS-Series) with the introduction of support for the more universally accepted GPX waypoint/route/track file format.  Support for GPX file format has additionally empowered owners to utilize third party navigational software applications supporting GPX file format for planning waypoints and routes.

Also, the previously offered Navionics mobile app had supported Wi-Fi synchronization of waypoints and routes with Raymarine's Wi-Fi equipped MFDs.  The potential exists that future a/c/e/gS-Series MFD software updates may permit Wi-Fi synchronization of waypoints and routes with the currently offered Navionics Boating app.

That said, your feature request for waypoint/route transfer via NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 has been logged accordingly for consideration to be included within a future a/c/e/gS-Series MFD software update as well as within the designs of future Raymarine chartplotting products.

Thank you for your reply.  My request would not be to implement transfer over the old 0183, rather transfer of a gpx file over the wired/wireless ethernet. This would enable all of the world's charting software to be used, regardless of platform.

LightHouse III should have an easy means to edit waypoint lists, not just individual waypoints, e.g., select this one on the list and edit it, return to the list, not the main screen. Drag and drop waypoints are nice, but do not address this common scenario.

As an extra question, do you (or anyone) know if Voyage Planner will install on Windows XP (I see it is not supported, but does it work)? 


Thanks for the additional comments and clarification of your feature request.  Voyage Planner is supported for use with the following operating systems:

  • Windows Vista 
  • Windows 7 
  • Windows 8 

Windows operating systems (in a dual boot system) and/or Windows emulators (ex. Parallels, VMware, etc.) are commonly installed on Apple computers to support use of PC applications on Apple computers.  Please note that Voyage Planner is not supported for use with Windows emulators.  Voyage Planner is essentially a stripped down version of Fugawi's Marine 5 software developed by Northport Systems, Inc.  You may want to consider contacting Northport Systems, Inc. (support@x-traverse.com) for additional guidance regarding may be provided when running with a Windows emulator.

Now that I have my new eSeries installed :), I have an additional question/issue. We discussed entering of waypoint with lat/long via the screen interface. There does not appear to be a quick way to build a route from the waypoint list. One first selects Menu>Navigate>Build Route>Use waypoint list. Then you select the group and the waypoint. As soon as you touch the waypoint, you are back to the Build Route menu. If you want to add 15 waypoints from the list, for each one you must reselect Use Waypoint list>select group>select waypoint. Why isn't there a way to simple select a waypoint, add it, select another, add it, etc. until done? The existing method seems rather user unfriendly. 


You may like to try the following method.

In the Chart menu: select My Data/Routes and then select "New Route".

You can add waypoints to your new route by selecting existing waypoints or by entering a lat/long.

Your suggestions about selecting multiple waypoints is noted. Thank you.


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