I have a 36 foot sailboat and an ST4000 wheel pilot. I have run into two problems.

1) Auto tack - tacking to starboard is ok, tacking to port vessel only gets half way through tack. The wheel begins to correct/stop the turn long before I reach 100 degrees of turn.

2) When engaged the auto pilot moves wheel in a small (inches) amount of turn. This is not nearly enough of a correction in anything other than flat water. The result is vessel does not hold course. I have used many autopilots on other boats and the wheel corrections are always more pronounced.

I have been through all the manuals and this website and cannot figure out if there is a fix.

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Yes, the invoice lists as Raymarine E12180 S1 wheel pilot.


At this point I would recommend a full reset of the system, which will then require you to go out and re-calibrate the system again. 

I have enclosed the Comissioning Guide, on page 42 it illustrates how to get into Dealer Calibration, page 50 explains the RESET.  Then, perform the full calibration procedure starting on page 17.


I will give it a go on Wednesday. Thanks,

Send us an update on how you make out.

I followed the instructions and went through the dealer cals and the seatrial.  Then I engaged the auto pilot and did a number of auto tacks, under power, on calm waters. The tacks to both port and starboard completed, albeit very, very  slowly.

I then raised sails and did auto tack a number of times. Conditions were wind 12 kts with small chop. Vessel sometimes completed, but more often than not would only get 85% through the turn.  When engaged and the +1+10 is pushed the wheel turns smartly but before the vessel is head to wind the wheel begins to correct the turn as to not over shoot, and the vessel does not complete the turn.

This is a case of the autopilot correcting the turn too much, which causes the vessel to pass slowly through the eye of the wind, slow down and when there is any chop, stop the turn before it completes.

What are the Rudder Gain and Response levels in Dealer Calibration set at?

Rudder gain is +2, Response level is +2

Try and increase Rudder Gain to 3, and see if that effects the functionality of the AutoTack.

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