Problem I had was that the Ram Tube was spinning when I was trying to extend it. I could hold the ram tube and it would extend, but I knew something was going wrong.

Eventually it locked up and all it would do is spin.

So I took it apart to see what I could find wrong.

First I found what looked like a hard plastic ring broken in half and some twisted mangled soft rubber pieces all laying in the bottom of the unit.

I then tried to manually turn the lead screw drive pulley but it was stuck.

So I decided to take it off, As I was knock the pin out that holds the Drive Pulley on, The pulley freed up and I could turn it. It seems that it was jammed into the bearing and so tight on the screw that it was stuck.

Evidently this happen when I made my last maneuver, I did a 90% turn and the unit jammed.

The bearing was very stiff actually stuck and would not spin. I think I can soak this in some lubricant and get it work properly. 

If you look in the ST1000+ and ST2000+ Service Manual, go to "Figure 3. Gearbox assembly" you can see about 90% of the parts. What you dont see is the bearing and the Plastic piece I found shredded in the bottom of the unit.

However looking at the way the discoloration is on the Gearbox plate "see my pictures" my guess is that the plastic ring I found broken goes between the Lead Screw Drive pulley and the Gear Box support plate. I need someone to confirm this a picture would be even better. 

Now when I contacted Raymarine on this they could not or would not look at my pictures, They cannot help me figure out what the broken plastic piece are. They just want me to spend more money and waste more time by sending it in to them to be repaired. I am presently unemployed and I don't have the money to waste on something I can fix myself. I just want to order the parts and fix it.

So my question is to you guys out there, Can anyone tell me so I can order the parts I need.

I already plan to order the new belts, I actually saw on ebay a belt kit that comes with a part that might be what I am looking for. I just need to confirm that the belt kit comes with the plastic part that broke. PLEASE HELP.

Marty  813 766 2165 if you can help please call. 

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John M Busciglio said:

After all my moaning and groaning Raymarine Has come through. I love you guys I hope you all have a great weekend. 

I have made my own spacer by cutting up a small rubber tyre tube.  I am not sure if the original plastic spacer was fixed to the gear box support structure.  I will monitor its performance after a bit of use.  I am thinking that this spacer is meant to shield the support structure from being damaged when the autohelm ram tube contacts with it when fully returned.

I made my own spacer referred to above by cutting up a small rubber tyre tube. The hardest part of making this part is cutting the central h***.  I used a suitable sized metal tube and hitting it with a hammer over a piece of wood.  I then fitted the rubber at the location between the support bridge and the gearbox support plate and cut the rubber to the shape of the support bridge.  I shall monitor the performance of this rubber spacer after a bit of use of the  auto helm over the next few months.  I also ordered a full gearbox kit (Part Nos.Q054) as the plastic gear was worn.

Does anyone know if the plastic/rubber spacer should be glued (superglue) to the support bridge?

Our technicians do not glue the gasket to the support bridge.

Thank you for that information.

Anytime, contact us with any further questions.

I had the same problem with the ram tube spinning. I opened up the case to find circular bits of plastic at the bottom of the case. I made a bushing to fit between 4. the lead screw drive pulley and 7 the gear box support plate out some food containers I had on board. This mostly remedied the problem. I suspect if I had the OEM part, I would completely remedy the problem. The local Raymarine dealer was able to source the gearbox assembly, which had gears and belts, but not the bushing. The shreds of the bushing are on the left of this picture.

If you look closely, you can see th gap between the lead screw drive pulley and the gearbox support plate where the bushing was.

How do I get the bushing?

Underway - Raymarine, US said:

Technicians don't have any more parts available to them, although they do have parts from other unrepairable units.

I have enclosed the diagram from the Service Manual

On the arrows I have added,

1 - there is no plastic bushing that goes between the lead pulley and the support plate.

2 - is a piece of soft rubber that degrades as it acts as a buffer as the Ram Tube runs along the lead screw. Part of the drive module kit.

3 - support plate that is made of plastic that also creates residue that you show on the pictures on the metal portion of the support plate.

Our service technicians are very busy and aren't allowed on the phone unless speaking with customers with their units in the Service Center.  But if you would like to speak to one of our autopilot technicians, you can call on Main phone number 603.324.7900, and ask to speak with the repair department. 

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