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Hi, I’m a happy new owner of a C125 MFD. I must congratulate you to the MMI in Lighthouse.

I have had an AIS in my sailing yacht since 2006 and have in my profession sailed on the bridge in AIS-equipped ships for the last 8 years. One thing I miss in Lighthouse is the possibility to choose having the AIS-targets name easily presented.

Firstly; The most frequent ship to ship communication in close quarters is through voice procedure. At that time you use the ships name, neither MMSI or IMO-number.

Secondly; When of shore racing in Sweden it has been more or less mandatory to have AIS transmitting. In order to make it easier to interpret the ais-picture it is easier to recognize names than MMSI numbers.

For the above reasons I suggest that you add a function to the coming release/ upgrade of Lighthouse which easily provides the name of AIS-targets to be presented. I could for instance be that the name shows when you “ roll over” the curser or a choice in the meny to always present names close to the AIS-symbol.

If you don’t consider the above worth doing, then at least have the name presented when you choose information by clicking at the AIS-symbol as for instance Garmin does.


Mikael H

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I would also like to request this feature.  It is important for the MFD to display the vessel name for AIS targets. 

Has this feature been added yet?

I second these suggestions. Dispaying the vessel name and target 2-minute vectors based on the latest received data.

I've noticed that even my old third party unit is capable of displaying this information. Shouldn't be much of an issue for state-of-the-art Raymarine equipment. Filtering should be available to switch off this feature for targets outside 1/2/3/5/10 nm radius.

A hotkey to easily bring up the AIS target list should also be made available. In rough seas, the present procedure to access the AIS target list simply demands too many key/touchscreen operations (really, user-configurable hotkey combinations are sadly lacking on the MFDs. E.g. pressing + and - at the same time could yield some user-configured action, etc.)


Dear Moderator,
Raymarine should realize that not providing the vessel name is a safety issue. I have an e95 multifunction display and an AIS350. The most important piece of information I was looking for when I installed the AIS was the vessel name. If I’m in a closing ship situation and I’m not sure which way to turn to avoid a collision, I must contact the ship on VHF channel 13. Without a knowledge of the vessel name I must transmit something like,”Ship just south of buoy x, I’m the dark blue sailboat to your west…” and hope that the captain knows that the transmission is aimed at his ship. This does not always work the first time. Using the vessel name resolves any ambiguity and makes for a faster safety resolution.

The AIS350 provides the vessel name to the e95; yet, the e95 cannot display it. A high priority should be given to a fix for safety. It would be helpful if you would respond “Safety issue noted,” not just “noted.”
John Campbell


The MFD can indeed display the vessel's name.  However, it is presently necessary to hotspot the AIS target (i.e. touch the AIS target's icon or move the cursor over it an press the OK button; then select the View AIS Data option within AIS target menu.  The AIS Data dialog then displayed will list the vessel's name within its titlebar.  The feature request addresses options to replace the MMSI with vessel name (when available) within the AIS Target menu and to possible add the target name alongside the target.

The most effective and efficient way would be for the vessel name to pop up when the cursor is put on top of the AIS vessel icon. To keep it on the display, then the context menu would be accessed as you mention.


Dear Moderator,
I assume that in paragraph 14.10 of the a-c-e Installation and operation instructions, date: 04-2014, that in the screen shot of full target data, the ship’s name is “Sim Target 16” which is concatenated with the heading “AIS Target Info?”

I never see a ship’s name. I’m using an e95 with v10.40 software and an AIS350, whose software has never been updated, linked together with a Sea Talk ng backbone, properly terminated.

I used to confirm that the ships were transmitting the ships name. MMSI, course and speed and other data matched the e95 display of “Full Target Data” but no ship’s name appears in the heading following “AIS Target Info.” Suggestions?
John Campbell


As you have surmised, the vessel name “Sim Target 16” which is concatenated with the heading “AIS Target Info” within the referenced section of the Installation and operation manual.  While installer and dealers of Class B AIS transceivers will populate the AIS transceiver with MMSI number (end users are not permitted to do so by FCC regulations), most installers/dealers leave it up to the Class B AIS transceiver owner to populate the AIS transceiver with its static data (vessel name, vessel call sign, length, beam, etc.).  Correspondingly, a large percentage of these Class B AIS transceivers are never populated with this data out of priorities, required skills, or ignorance.

Additionally, Class B static data is transmitted at a lower priority than more critical AIS transmissions featuring MMSI.  In high traffic areas, this may reduce the quantity of targets which have transmitted such data.

However, in situations where tools such as can be used, it should be for comparisons such as you have made.  Please note that the reported vessel names may be those which have been registered with the FCC and have not necessarily been recorded within the AIS transceiver's static data. may be simply listing the name obtained from the database of registered vessels.  I would start by verifying that your MFD had been updated with v11.26 or later a/c/e/gS-Series MFD software and that your AIS transceiver (Raymarine or third party) has been updated with the latest available software.  If so and the transmitting vessel be within range (2-3 nm), then the titlebar of the AIS Target Info dialog should be populated as has been specified.  If not, then I would recommend checking within another AIS receiver equipped vessel within your marina or nearby whether they can view the vessel's name.

Dear Moderator,
I’ve updated software and the vessel name is still not displayed with the ““AIS Target Info.”

Today, I compared the e95 AIS Target Info with that presented by MMSI, course and speed and other data matched the e95 display of “Full Target Data” but no ship’s name appears in the heading following “AIS Target Info.” This ship was a 900 ft. freighter which would have a class A AIS.

The e95 has version 11.26. The AIS350 has version 1.03.02. I was able to use proAIS2 to obtain the AIS350 version number after the software update. I was unable to isolate the vessel name anomaly to either the e95 or the AIS350 because the proAIS2 software would not display the “other vessels” data so I could not confirm that the AIS350 was processing the vessel name. I updated the proAIS2 software to 1.03.02. Does the proAIS2 software work with the AIS350? Is it actually known that the Lighthouse software will present the vessel name sent by the AIS350?


John campbell


ProAIS2 does indeed work with the AIS350, as well as with the AIS650.  I have an e95 MFD at my desk which has been interfaced via SeaTalkng communications protocol to an AIS350 (v1.03.02) and have found that the AIS Target Info dialog's titlebar is indeed populated the vessel name of the class B AIS targets with reception range of my AIS350.  In this case the name of the vessel was TECH SUPPORT 1.  

Be careful about using for AIS related data, as it appears to be relying upon a database for associating a registered vessel name to a MMSI.  As such, we have seen instances where vessel names have either not been correctly populated and/or the vessel name logged with the database being used by is not current (i.e. don't expect a change submitted/approved by the FCC to be immediately reflected within the corresponding database).  

It is recommended that you verify that your MFD has been interfaced via SeaTalkng to the AIS350, that you locate a Class B AIS transceiver in your area, wait for the equipment to be on for at least 6 minutes, and that you then hail the Class B vessel to verify that their transceiver has been populated with the vessel's name.  Should your AIS350 be interfaced via NMEA 0183 communications protocol to the MFD, then please let me know accordingly.

Reactivating this old thread -   My prior boat had an e7 and AIS650 which worked great, vessel names were displayed with target info.  My new boat has older e80 and e120 plotters.  We have just installed AIS, but the vast majority of targets are just displaying MMSI number, no name.  The several vessels which show a name seem to be bigger ones (maybe transmitting AIS Class A?). The plotters are updated to the latest / final version of software.  Is there anything that can be done to display vessel names for all the targets? 

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