RS130 installation: need to extend the supplied SeaTalkng spur cable

I recently installed the RS130 and the supplied SeaTalkng spur cable is too short. Can the cable be cut and spliced? I need at least 12 more feet. I would rather have an extension cable with one male and one female end but couldn't find one on the Raymarine web site. I am running the spur cable to the E22158 Seatalk1 to SeaTalkng converter.



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Cutting / splicing SeaTalkNG cables is discouraged. One possibility is plug the existing RS130 spur in to an in-line terminator (A80001) , then 5 meter backbone cable (A06036) to a blue receptacle on your E22158 SeaTalkNG 1 to SeaTalkNG converter.

The SeaTalkng cable supplied with the RS130 is white and the instructions say to plug into a white receptacle on the converter. Will your suggested solution give me the same results?

Yes. On the " in- line terminator" you will see one white & one blue receptacle. Plug the white spur cable in to the white receptacle. Plug the blue backbone cable in to the blue receptacle. On the SeaTalk 1 to SeaTalkNG converter remove 1 of the blue terminator plugs and install the blue backbone cable in it's place.

Hello Ed,

 Mike is 100% correct. Thank you for your clear and concise explanation.

 You cannot extend the spur cable length (the max length for a spur is 6 meters). So in this case you would extend the backbone to the end of the RS130's spur cable and utilize the in-line terminator.

Please see Page 23 of the attached RS130 GPS Receiver Installation Guide.

3.3 SeaTalkng connection overview —

long cable runs

Use the optional SeaTalkng inline terminator to connect the GPS

receiver’s spur cable directly to the extreme end of the SeaTalkng

backbone using the inline terminator. This removes the need for a

T-piece connector and a separate terminator, making it easier to

achieve a long cable run.


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