I Bought a Raymarine AIS 650 tranceiver last year and Defender(I now discover had made an error with the number. They have entered a 5 instead of a 6!

My MMSI number is issued by the UK OFCOM and the vessel is UK registered. I should be able to reprogram the soft wear as a non US vessel but the option is greyed out on the supplied software. Any suggestions?

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As you have identified FCC regulations prohibit US customers from resetting the MMSI number once it has been programmed.  Within the US, only FCC certified radio technicians and dealers are permitted to reset MMSI numbers within VHF radios and AIS transceivers.  Should the vessel be registered within the UK as you have specified, then it is recommended that our UK offices be contacted for the application to reset the AIS650's MMSI:

Raymarine UK Limited

Marine House

Cartwright Drive,


PO15 5RJ


Tel:             +44 (0)1329 246 700      

Fax: +44 (0)1329 246 701

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