I have purchased an RC435 chart plotter, but the previous owner misplaced the power cable while upgrading his electronics.  Raymarine has no replacement cables to offer (unit less than 10 yrs old).  The RC435 owner's manual has a wire color to function chart (i.e., red=bat. pos.), but without the cable and its colored wires, the chart is not useful.  The 7-pin connector is still available from Gemeco, and they indicated the pins are numbered (as looking at the back of the plotter where the cable plugs in) counterclockwise starting with 1 at the locating notch. I found another RC435 manual online that gave some pin info, but not complete.  The list of wire colors and their functions are given in the manual as follows: Black=bat. neg.; Red=bat. pos.; White=NMEA input (+ve); Green=NMEA input (-ve) common; Gray=not connected; Yellow=NMEA output (+ve); Brown=NMEA output (-ve) common; Screen (bare)=not connected.  Can anyone give me the pin number to match each wire color or each function?  I need all pins identified, since I will be interfacing with the Raymarine st1000+ tiller pilot I recently purchased.  Thanks for the help!

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Welcome to the Raymarine Mike,

With the RC435/RC435i Power/NMEA Cable plug's female pins facing toward you and the indexing keyway located at 12 O'Clock, the pins are defined as follows going clockwise from the indexing keyway:

  1. Black = bat. neg.
  2. Red = bat. pos. (10.0VDC to 18.0 VDC)
  3. White = NMEA input (+ve)
  4. Green = NMEA input (-ve) common
  5. Gray = not connected
  6. Yellow = NMEA output (+ve) ... connect to ST1000+ NMEA IN+ port
  7. Brown = NMEA output (-ve) common ... connect to ST1000+ NMEA IN- port


See the message sent to you earlier today.

Thanks for all the help!

You're welcome ... Happy Boating!

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