im looking to connect a gps antenna to my raymarine Raychart BC420.

My raymarine  has two cable. The big black one, that end with seven coloured wires 

Brown,white,yellow, green, gray,red and black 

and the small white one for the gps antenna whit 4 coloured wires, red,green,yellow and 

brown other then the...metal coating, I do not know the english word, we in Italy we call it Calza.

The Evermore Sa-320,  contrary to what reported in the online manuals, has five coloured wires ( and not 6 or 7 wires as the manual!) that are red,black, blue and green and the metal coating 

And after two days of work I have absolutely no idea how to connect them..

I need help .. :-)


Florence Italy






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You're still wrong. Evermore white wire is not the NMEA data out.

And don't call me stupid. Get your facts right before commenting.

Evermore ( Mrs Ariel Cheng ) answered me Today:

Hello Lorenzo,

Red wire: VCC power (+12V)

Green wire: Tx, Output signal

White wire: Rx, imput signal

Black wire: Ground

Gray wire: Shield wire, signal ground

Blue wire: Not used

I did not think anyone said it was, but then I did not really view your post as a serious comment meant in any way to be helpful. I viewed it as quite pointless

Hahahahaha, you're all totally wrong

If of course you had posted details of what you thought was incorrect that would have been helpful

Seems you still don't understand what Cheng is saying.

You say

Evermore white wire is not the NMEA data out.

Correct it is

White wire: Rx, imput signal

not data out but data in as shown on reply from Evermore

and that IMHO is why a moderator replied

Connect the Raystar 112LP GPS Sensor's Cable's NMEA IN+ (green) lead to the Evermore SA-320's (white) lead

However I only used this forum to seek advice on my problem regarding my Raymarine MFD and I found the advice and the help from Raymarine excellent in fact outstanding.

I will leave the topic. There is nothing to add as far I am concerned

All I can say is try getting your position by using the white wire!

I know Ariel Cheng, she is just a temp. She doesn't know how to distinguish one wire from another.

I used to deal with Evermore and found their receivers to be poor, thin wires that broke easily and loss of position regularly with their RS232 type.

Let me repeat, you will not get a position from the white wire.

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