I am now on my third C90W unit, which has exactly the same problems that I experienced with the second unit, which you replaced, after acknowledging that the problems I had been reporting  for months, were valid!

I cannot use either the ""track " function, or the "follow route" function, without the unit crashing, It also has a habit of flashing up the message "System data error", followed by "Position Fix lost". Sometimes this will crop up 3 or 4 times before it settles down, and obtains a fix again.

This unit was replaced by yourselves, when I returned the previous one to you, from Panama.I collected it back from Protecsa, when I took delivery of my new raymarine Autopilot hydrolic ram, AIS650, etc. I only learned that the MFD was a new replacement unit, when I demanded to know what you had found wrong with the one I had sent in for repair, because it failed 7 times on the first first 20mile trip to the las perlas islands. 

I am now in Bora Bora, and heading towards new Zealand, where I want this problem to get sorted out for once and for all!

Secondly, the AIS650, although receiving well, only transmits intermittently, and sometimes, not at all. The diagnostic (AISPro2 ) indicates all is well ( green ticks for all functions), and the status light glows green, and the on screen indicator all imply that it is transmitting. I tried buying and fitting a brand new VHF aerial, but this has made no difference. Any suggestions?

 Rod s/v Sheer Tenacity


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Sounds a good trip to be on, Rod, I'm jealous!

If I was on the third head unit and still experiencing the same problems I would be looking to what is attached to it and working through them.

I do not have the c90w, my current is a c80 about to change to a c127 but on the c80 the only nav ap feature i have used is goto cursor which it does faultlessly on the c80/s1000 rig. Maybe this is worth a try as a work around? Must confess I'm not hugely clear what the difference between goto and track is but I've never had need to follow anything more complicated than "cut me the shortest path back to the heads" and I should expect that open ocean navigation is not dissimilar - that you'd only want to transit to a given point.

Good day Rod,

I don't have any information on previous service/repair history or contact you've had with technical support in Raymarine, so apologies if I'm going over old ground. You describe 3 distinct problems, I'll try to address each in turn.

Cannot use Track/Follow Route: Please could you describe the problem in more detail? There is a known legacy software issue with the C-Series Wide which will cause the display to reboot unexpectedly when:

  • you have an active route
  • you have the CDI (rolling road) displayed
  • both of the above are true for longer than ~6 hours continuously

If you're suffering from this issue then I would suggest that you do not continuously display the rolling-road, but instead set up a data-page with the same information displayed numerically rather than graphically.

'Position fix lost' alarms: What is your source of GPS data - an external antenna or the C90W's internal GPS? If the former, what model? If the latter, where is the C90W installed? Have you had a look at the GPS Status page at the time the problem occurs, and if so, would you be able to attach photos clearly showing this page before/during/after the problem occurs?

AIS650 transmission: Can you advise how you've confirmed that the AIS is genuinely not transmitting? The reason I ask this is that >90% of the time that we hear this sort of description it turns out that in fact the AIS is transmitting, but the method being used to confirm this isn't reliable.

For example, online resources such as Marinetraffic.com are very useful but there is no guarantee of visibility of any one target, especially a Class B, because the data is gathered by volunteers, not all of whom might be using the finest receiver hardware, or live close to the sea, or have a good antenna, or who might filter out Class B targets in order to preferentially display the more (to them) interesting Class A ships, etc., etc.

As well as online resources, the second most common way that people confirm whether they're transmitting or not is to ask another vessel in the same marina. However, this too can be error-prone since when stationary a Class B AIS will only transmit position information once every 3 minutes and static vessel data every 6 minutes. If the reception isn't great, or the other vessel is using a lower-cost or older AIS which has a single channel-switching receiver rather than twin receivers, then it's easy to miss some transmissions. If this happens then the interval between received messages could well exceed their display's target time-out period.


Hi Neddie, 

Thanks for your reply, the scenario you describe sounds exactly like the type of problems I was experiencing with the last unit. The feedback fro Raymarine technical support was, firstly that I should have upgraded to software version 2.35, as that was probably the problem.  I did so, and it made no difference.  Secondly, they said I needed to clear the track record every 24 hrs. I had very rarely used the track function, and stopped using it altogether after that suggestion. When it continued to crash, they then told me that I should return it to Raymarine for them to check/repair.

I flew back to RSA from Panama, and had the unit sent back to Raymarine by your Panama agents, Protecsa. While in RSA, I met, and was told by the Raymarine agent there, basically what you cover in your reply.. There is a cacheing up probllem with the C90W unit, and the storage gets overloaded, with old data not being discarded as it should. I told him that I had already sent it to Raymarine, and he replied that he thaught they would rectify the fault.

When I collected it back from Protecsa, there was no indication of what was wrong, or that it had been exchanged. I only learnt this, after complaining to Protecsa about the continued problem. Since this, I have only used the rolling road screen for very short intervals, (10mins) and then cancelled the follow route option, until I do another quick check on cross track deviation. I have used it like this since then.

The unit has a built in GPS, and is mounted in the cockpit, with only the Sunbrella spray dodger over it. When it crashes, the "Acknowledge" message flashes, and it will not allow me to check the satelite screen at the time. Once acknowledged, it does appear that it does have a fix from about 12 satelites, before the long/lats actually re appear . The previous C90W, mounted in the same position, never had these "position Fix lost" problems. Also, the previous unit did only crash after about 6 hours of following, this one crashes way more quickly, sometimes after 30 minutes.

AIS650. I know that the unit is not transmitting correctly for 2 reasons. Firstly, I also have a NASA AIR radar unit, on which I have always been able to pick up my own Raymarine transmissions( Separate VHF antenna, and I have kept it as a back up) Secondly, I have been sailing together with another cruiser, for the last 6000 miles, and we have always had each others position showing up as buddies, as we are rarely more than a couple of miles apart. He first reported my disappearing trick, so I have also had other sailing buddies confirm the absence of transmission. In the last 2 1/2 hour sail, Sheer Tenacity only appeared twice on his Chartplotter, for a few minutes, before going "missing", and we were only a mile apart.

Hope this is of help to you, it diagnosing possible problems.

Regards, Rod Turner-Smith Bora Bora 

Hi Rod,

I think that it's probably best that we get Lusty and Blundell, our national Distributor in New Zealand, to look at your system when you arrive there. They're in Auckland, but have offices and Service Dealers elsewhere as well.

I'll let them know that you'll be in contact - if you could contact them at some stage to let them know where you'll be in New Zealand, they will be able to advise how best to get this resolved. Their contact details (phone, email etc.) are on their website at http://www.lusty-blundell.co.nz/formwcs0128832/Contact-Us.html



Thanks for your feedback Neddie! I will indeed contact Lusty& Bloundell in NZ. A5t present we are just sitting out a squash zone , and hope to leave for Suwarrow/Niue and Tonga within a week. Our aim is to get to Opua, NZ in mid November. I will send a mail to L&B from Tonga, when we advise NZ of our departure for their shores. Thanks again, Rod Turner-Smith, s/v Sheer Tenacity, Bora Bora


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