I have an e97. I upgraded the the firmware to the latest version following the instructions online. The GPS works fine but the built in sounder will "lose" the transducer. Sometimes it will require the unit to be restarted, others it will go back to working fine on its own. What could be causing this? All connections seem to be in good shape.

The other problem is when I first power on the unit. It will give me all kinds of engine alarms. 8 of which are unknown errors (for each engine). Engine shutting down. Check transmition. Neutral start alarm. To name a few. I get a choice to click OK or setup. Either option only clears that warning and goes to the next. It doesn't allow me to 'setup' the alarm. When I look at the data page, all the engine gauges register like they should. What can I do to correct this?

I want to get everything right before I have a radar added to the system.

Thanks Bernie

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Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Bernie,

The transducer problem which you have specified has not been previously reported.  It is recommended that you verify that the correct transducer has been selected from the transducer list.  If so, then it is recommended that the following actions be taken:

  • verify that the transducer's locking ring has been installed and has been locked to the MFD's transducer port
  • back up waypoints, routes, tracks, and system settings ... and then perform a factory reset operation ... be certain to check that the correct transducer has been selected afterwards
  • verify that the transducer's cable has not been modified in any way
  • test the MFD with another transducer or have the MFD bench checked/serviced by Raymarine's Product Repair Center.

It is not uncommon for an engine system to generate alarms as part of their start-up/system test process.  The Alarms feature was significantly enhanced in the a/c/e/gS-Series MFD v11.26 software update.  Individual or all engine alarms may be switched OFF via this feature (HOME->SET-UP->ALARMS->ENGINE ALARMS).  Should your helm feature engine displays, the MFD's alarms would typically be considered redundant and at such stations, you may want to consider switching the engine alarms OFF within the MFD rather than have to respond to engine alarms on both the MFDs and the engine display. 

I only have one transducer that I know of and it is attached correctly to the MFD. I will try the reset tonight after doing the backup.

I will also look at and disable the engine alarms on the MFD.

Thanks and I'll be in touch.

You're welcome.

Ok. I believe I got all the engine alarms fixed.
I have not be out to test the transducer problem again but I should have a chance this week. According to the dealer the transducer was installed without modification to any cabling. It's difficult to verify because of routing.
Thanks again for the advice.

You're welcome.

Hope all have had a great Thanksgiving!
Alright, I still had the transducer problem. I noticed the firmware had a new release so I upgraded again. Now the MFD does not see a transducer at all. I have checked all connections that I can find and all appear to be clean and secure.
Also now my auto pilot will not track. It just drives the boat in circles.
I have installed the radar hardware but I have not connected it to the e97.
I believe my next step is to take the boat to a service center.
Is Advanced Marine in Biloxi MS a certified Raymarine dealer/repair location? I think this is the closest one to me.

Thanks again for all your advice, Bernie.


Advanced Marine is indeed listed as a Certified Raymarine Installer.  The dealership information follows:

BILOXI, MS 39530

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