I recently purchased a VHF radio that may be plugged into the existing Raymarine GPS.

There is a five prong  flat plug at the back of the chartplotter that is delineated "Seatalk 2". Can I put a connector into that plug and connect to wiring at back of VHF? If so where can I get the appropriate plug?


Martin Schulman

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Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Martin,

The MFD's SeaTalk2/NMEA 2000 port cannot be used for the purpose which your have suggested.  The MFD's SeaTalk2/NMEA 2000 port was designed to support integration with ST290 Instruments and NMEA 2000 engine systems.  The MFD NMEA 0183 Cable that was supplied with the MFD is designed to support integration of the MFD with NMEA 0183 devices such as a DSC VHF radio (see attached chart).


the cable you need to connect your radio's NMEA input (and the output if it has one) connects to the round five pin connector on the back of your C80 that is labeled NMEA IN/OUT.  the part number for the cable is R08004.  normally this cable is included with the C80.  it is my impression that it is no longer manufactured and is difficult to find in retail channels.  i see them frequently on online auction sites however.

you may already have something connected to your C80 with that cable.  if thats the case the moderators can probably advise you further on options for getting everything you need connected up.

I examined the set up tonight. There is a C-80 chartplotter that has  a raymarine radar as well as an st 4000+ wheel pilot connected to it. The wheel pilot was on the boat before either the chartplotter or radar were installed.

The five pin NMEA in/out connector at the back of the chart plotter is currently being used. I do not know which device is plugged into it but I imagine it may be the st 4000+. 

Given this set up is there a way to plug the radio into the back of the chart plotter?

Thanks in advance


It is recommended that you verify rather than speculate about what the MFD's NMEA Cable has been interfaced to.  It is additionally important to verify what, if anything, the NMEA 0183 input leads of the MFD's NMEA 0183 Cable are interfaced to.

Should the MFD's NMEA 0183 port presently be configured to "NMEA 4800", then the NMEA 0183 output from the MFD NMEA 0183 cable may be paralleled to supply system data to as many as three NMEA 0183 listeners.  Should the NMEA 0183 output of the MFD be interfaced to two or less NMEA 0183 listeners, then it may be additionally interfaced to supply GPS data to the VHF radio.

I will get down and track the sources of the wiring that end up in the NMEA in/out plug at the back of the chart plotter. That should not be too difficult since I did the installation.

I did not quite understand about the "configured" to "NMEA 4800". Are you saying that if the NMEA cable is attached to two or less devices, i.e., auto pilot, gps, there is a way to add a line to go to the radio that started this thread? Thanks in advance. Martin 


The communications protocol of the NMEA 0183 port of a C/E-Series Classic MFD (C70, C80, C120, E80, E120) may be configured to any of the following settings via the command sequence MENU->SYSTEM SETUP->SYSTEM INTEGRATION->NMEA PORT SETTING:

  • NMEA 4800
  • AIS 38400
  • NAVTEX 4800
  • NAVTEX 9600

When interfacing the MFD directly to a VHF radio support DSC, the NMEA Port Setting should be configured to NMEA 4800.

The chart sent within my initial response specifies that the VHF radio is to be interfaced to the MFD's NMEA 0183 Cable.

I was just at the boat and observed the following-I initially installed an ST 4000+ autopilot and ST60 close hauled and windspeed, speed and depth meters.

Two years later I installed a C-80 chart plotter with gps and radar.

In the course of that installation I connected the autopilot control unit with the C 80 chartplotter using the NMEA in/out connector at the back of the C 80.


What do I do, in terms of connectors and wires, in order to connect the VHF to the chartplotter/gps? Is there any way to tap into the existing wire that is between the autopilot and the C -80?

Thanks for the configuration protocol.

I am a little confused by all this, perhaps because I did not grow up in the culture of advanced electronic interfaces. The question is simply this. The Chart plotter plug for NMEA is already connected to the autopilot that is itself connected to the wind, depth, ect. instruments.

How can I tap into that connection in order to hook up the VHF?

Thanks in advance.


The NMEA 0183 output port of most Raymarine products featuring such a NMEA 0183 output port may be paralleled to supply data to up to three NMEA 0183 listeners without the need for a NMEA 0183 Expander.  It you examine the MFD's NMEA 0183 Cable, you should find that its yellow NMEA 0183 OUT+ lead is interfaced to the autopilot's NMEA 0183 IN+ port.  Additionally, you should find that its brown NMEA 0183 OUT- lead is interfaced to the autopilot's NMEA 0183 IN- port.  The same to leads may additionally be interfaced to the VHF radio's NMEA 0183 IN+ lead and NMEA 0183 IN- lead respectively to supply the VHF radio with GPS data. 

Thanks for the clarification. Martin

PS- Is this done by just splicing wires into those of the auto pilot and running these new wires out to the VHF or are special connectors needed?


No special connectors are required.  The most common method used to parallel the NMEA 0183 output of the MFD's NMEA Cable would involve connecting the leads of MFD's NMEA 0183 Cable to a marine grade terminal strip featuring two or four isolated terminals.  The NMEA 0183 input leads of the NMEA 0183 listeners (ex. autopilot, VHF radio, PC, etc.) would then be interfaced to the same terminals to which the MFD NMEA Cable's yellow (NMEA 0183 OUT+) and brown (NMEA 0183 OUT-) leads are connected.  Should NMEA 0183 cables need to be extended that it is recommended that marine grade twisted pair signal cable be used. 

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