I recently purchased a VHF radio that may be plugged into the existing Raymarine GPS.

There is a five prong  flat plug at the back of the chartplotter that is delineated "Seatalk 2". Can I put a connector into that plug and connect to wiring at back of VHF? If so where can I get the appropriate plug?


Martin Schulman

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Back again. What I did was put a wire between the input to the autopilot to the input of the VHF radio. The radio then worked fine without s******* up the operation of either the chartplotter or the autopilot.

What is now left is to make the AIS connection between the VHF and the chartplotter. Is there a way to do this? If so how? I would not like to interfere with the autopilot whose function is very important.

Thanks in advance.



In the future, please identify all equipment to be interfaced to the system at the outset of a discussion rather than sequentially add it to the discussion.  Doing so will ensure that the best solution is provided and possibly avoid having to undo work resulting from an incomplete equipment list.  In this case and AIS receiver/transceiver may change the entire installation.  What make/model of AIS receiver/transceiver will be interfaced to your system?  

The Make and model is Standard Horizon Matrix Series GX 2150.

I hooked the GPS input up by taking wires from the Autopilot. The GPS function of the radio is now working. Not the AIS.


AIS receiver utilize 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 communications protocol  C-Series Classic MFDs feature a single NMEA 0183 I/O port that can support 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 communications (most commonly used BAUD rate) or 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 communications (for AIS), but cannot perform both simultaneously.  Please identify the makes/models of all equipment which is and will be interfaced to your system in order that we may advise concerning how to permit all of these devices installed within a single system.

The system as it currently exists is as follows:

ST 60 wind, depth and speed instruments - Raymarine

ST 4000+ Wheelpilot -Raymarine

C-80 Display with GPS - Raymarine

Standard Horizon VHF GX 2150

The GPS is wired into the wheelpilot control unit.

The Standard Horizon VHF is wired from the wheelpilot output to the VHF input. At the present time it shows Lat. & Long. position.

I would like the AIS to work. The Standard Horizon VHF has the capability.


Let me know what you think.




Hello Martin,

you'll need a multiplexer to operate the AP and VHF from the single NMEA Port.

The SH CX2150 is requiring 38400 baud rate setting to talk to the C-80.

SH has made some modification to match reqirements from customer using single port NMEA plotter like Raymarine C&E classic series and other manufactures.

Please refer SH webpage. Click here

Personally I've made very good experience with Multiplexer from Brookhouse

On their page you'll find also some wiring example.

@ moderator's

Just some idea... is the ST4000 supporting Seatalk, this could be some option to connect the AP to the C-80.

I spoke to someone at Raymarine some time ago. They said that there might be some incompatability between the Autopilot system the GPS and the Standard Horizon radio if all are hooked up together. I did not follow his reasoning.

I have made inquiry of Brookhouse for the multiplexer. If I get it can I just hook the auto pilot into it on one side then the SH on the other for GPS function on the radio? What then of AIS indication on the C 80 display?

Thanks for your help with this.



The VHF radio should not be interfaced to the autopilot has you have specified.  Please see the attached chart addressing how the Standard Horizon GX2150 should be interfaced to the C-Series's Classic MFD's NMEA 0183 port.  The MFD's NMEA 0183 Port (MENU->SYSTEM SETUP->SYSTEM INTEGRATION->NMEA PORT) must be configured to AIS 38400.  All communications between the MFD ant the Standard Horizon GX2150 will be via 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 communication protocol.  A NMEA 0183 multiplexer would not be required unless some other device(s) featuring a NMEA 0183 interface (devices not specified) will need to communicate with the Raymarine products.

The C80, ST4000+ Wheel Pilot, and ST60 Instruments should all be interfaced via SeaTalk.

I am purchasing a Standard Horizon gx2200 vhf with GPS and AIS. I currently have a C80 MFD. On the back of the mfd the NMEA IN/OUT connection is available.

Using a RO8004 cable with the appropriate connection on one end can I join up the C80 at the NMEA IN/OUT to the grey / Brown wires at the vhf so that I can see ais on the mfd screen? The C80 already has the raystar 125 GPS connected to it. Will the input from the vhf GPS interfere with it?

I can give you very little help here. After jerking around with the connection for months I finally decided to skip it. The Standard Horizon, which works beautifully despite the small screen was left below and required leaving the helm to read. 

I bought a slave unit that plugs into the radio below and leads to a small microphone at the steering station that has a screen that is legible. 

I think that the AIS is a bit overkill in a place like LI Sound where I sail. I have  sailed in the Med where it is a wonderful tool. The shipping can appear suddenly and the AIS allows you to track the vessels even before you see them.

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