On advice of the support department I am posting my question here.

I have a new C125 and I'm trying to display depth data from a Standard Horizon DS150 Digital Depth Sounder via NMEA 0183 on Port 2.   I have connected the depth sounder correctly and am able to log the received NMEA data to chartplotter screen and to micro sd card.   The problem is that the databar at the top of the chart display screen shows only dashes next to depth.  It will not show the incoming data on Port 2.   I have properly set the baud rate at 4800.

Here is some logged data:

Rx 3709258 $SDDPT,,
Rx 3709929 $PTTKD,11.0,A,C
Rx 3710578 $SDDBT,010.0,f,,,,

Any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Adam,

Per our conversation, DPT sentence is not being populated with any depth data and will correspondingly be ignored by the c/e-Series MFDs (c95, c97, c125, c127, e7, e7D, e95, e97, e125, e127, e165).  However, whiel the DBT sentence features fields for depth data in Feet, Meters, and Fathoms units, the sample NMEA 0183 DBT sentences which you have provided are being populated with depth in units of feet alone.  It has been determined that Raymarine's MFDs (going back to the C/E-Series Classic MFDs (C70, C80, C120, E80, E120)) will ignore depth in units other than meters from a NMEA 0183 DBT sentence.  If possible, it is recommended that the source of this depth data be configured to transmit depth in units of Meters within the DBT sentence.  A feature request will be logged to consider that processing of the DBT sentence feature support for depth reported in feet and fathoms as well as depth reported in meters.  

Thanks for this response, very helpful.   I set the Depth Sounder Display to show meters and voila the depth started showing on my C125.   However,  the displayed depth switches back and forth continuously between depth below transducer and corrected depth after offset value added.    Is there away to just show the corrected depth and ignore depth below transducer?


Raymarine's MFDs are designed to report a single Depth value.  Should you want to display depth below transducer, then no offset should be applied.  The dithering of the depth value which you have reporting may be due again to the NMEA 0183 data being sent to the MFD.  Please log the received sentences again for further analysis.

Here is the data after I switched to Meters on the depth sounder:

Rx 2215667 $SDDBT,,,003.2,M,,
Rx 2216319 $SDDPT,003.2,00.4
Rx 2216996 $PTTKD,03.6,A,C
Rx 2217712 $SDDBT,,,003.2,M,,
Rx 2218287 $SDDPT,003.2,00.4
Rx 2218946 $PTTKD,03.5,A,C
Rx 2219623 $SDDBT,,,003.1,M,,
Rx 2220279 $SDDPT,003.1,00.4
Rx 2220967 $PTTKD,03.6,A,C


If seeking to have the MFD report depth featuring an offset, it is recommended that you configure your depth data source to cease transmitting the DBT (depth below transducer) NMEA 0183 sentence as the DPT sentence features depth below transducer along with transducer offset data.

Well that just isn't possible in an older NMEA 0183 instrument. Why don't you allow the user to pick which value (DPT or DBT) they want to display?


Generally, NMEA 0183 filtering (i.e. removal of unwanted data) is performed via configuration settings within the NMEA 0183 output settings of the NMEA 0183 Talker (ex. your depth instrument, etc.).  When such filtering is not supported by the NMEA 0183 Talker, a programmable NMEA 0183 Multiplexer (ex. Actisense NDC-4, etc.) is typically installed between the NMEA 0183 Talker and the NMEA 0183 Listener(s) to perform such filtering.


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