I have successfully imported waypoints and routes from the iNAVX software on my iPad to Voyage Planner. I have followed the instructions to the letter dozens of times, to export waypoints from Voyage Planner to an "archive.fsh" file. Whether I export routes or waypoints, l always end up with an archive.fsh file with a size of 1,025 KB. I then attempt to copy the data from the MicroSd card to the E-127. On the E-127 I go to 'mydata' select "waypoints", "retrieve from card" select "card 2". The E-127 seemingly looks at the card, shows no files and displays the error message "No Waypoint Groups Found." I have the most current software version of Voyage Planner and E-127. I am probably doing something wrong but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I am almost ready to take a whole day to manually enter waypoints and routes.

I have attached one of the archive.fsh files

If anyone knows how to correct the problem I will be most appreciative.

Thank you



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Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum John,

Please note that I have successfully used an e127 MFD operating with v5.27 software to retrieve your waypoint data from the attached archive.fsh file after copying the archive.fsh file to the root level directory of microSD memory card.  To retrieve your waypoints from the microSD memory card, verify that you have performed the following:

  1. Power up the c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127 MFD and permit it complete initialization.
  2. Press the OK button to acknowledge the Limitations of Use.
  3. Insert the the microSD memory card containing your waypoints, routes, and tracks into either of the c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127 MFD's memory card slots, noting whether you have inserted the memory card into the upper (SD1) or lower (SD2) memory card reader slot.
  4. Press the Home Screen's MY DATA feature.
  5. Select RETRIEVE FROM CARD from the My Data command list.
  6. When the Select External Storage dialog is displayed, press SD1 if you had inserted the microSD memory card into the upper memory card reader slot otherwise press SD2
  7. To retrieve all waypoint data, press the RETRIEVE WAYPOINTS FROM CARD on the Retrieve from Card comand list.
  8. Press the RETRIEVE ALL feature to retrieve all waypoints.
  9. Press the OK button on the Card in Use dialog.
  10. Press the BACK button.

Should the above process fail and the root level directory of the microSD memory card contains your archive.fsh file, then it is possible that:

  • the microSD memory card is not compatible with the MFD
  • the MFD's memory card reader has suffered a failure ... test by:
  1. powering off the MFD,
  2. moving the chart card to the MFD's memory card slot which had been used with the memory card containing your archive.fsh file, and
  3. power up the MFD
  4. verify that the MFD can display cartography from the chart card

Should the MFD's memory card reader have suffered a failure, then it should be sent to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to be serviced.

Thank you for your detailed reply.  Turns out the problem was I was placing the archive.fsh files in folders on the MicroSD drive, not in the root directory.  I was successful importing waypoints directly from my laptop via a wifi connection to the E127.  The E127 maintains a strong enough signal to allow me to run the wifi link from my laptop while in my house to the E127 on my boat.  I like the wifi method better than the MicroSD card method. Question.  I backed up my system, waypoints and routes from the E127 to a MicroSD card.  When finished the MicroSD card only contains two files, both with a size of 8,193 KB.  One file is named System.fsh, the other archive.fsh.  I assume this means that I need to use two MicroSD cards to backup my E127, one card for the system file and waypoints, the second card for my routes.  Is this correct? 


It is not necessary to have more than one microSD memory card to back up the configuration settings and system data, as both the archive.fsh file and system.fsh file may reside on the same memory card along with software update files.  The system.fsh file will be used to backup/restore the MFDs's configuration settings while the archive.fsh file will be used to save/retrieve your waypoints, routes, and tracks.  It is recommended that system configuration settings, waypoints, routes, and tracks before updating the MFDs software.  After the MFD's software has been updated, the system configuration settings, waypoints, routes, and tracks be restored.

I greatly appreciate the prompt and knowledgable responses on this forum.  I am on more forums than I can count and can say without a doubt the quality of responses on this forum are the best, without a doubt.

Your last response leads me to believe that when I tell the E127 to back up my waypoints, it backs up not only my waypoints, but also my routes, and tracks to a singe archive.fsh file.

It it does do this then why are there separate menu picks to back up waypoints and tracks?


Thanks for the feedback.  

The action of backing up waypoints, routes, and tracks requires that the MFD be commanded to perform separate save commands for each of these data types as is specified within the corresponding FAQ on this subject.  That said, the waypoint, route, and track data that is saved by a MFD to a memory card will be stored within a single file (archive.fsh).

Raymarine has logged a feature request for single command to store all waypoints, routes, and tracks.  However, this feature has not yet been implemented.

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