I'm having trouble getting my i70 to display depth. My i70 is connected to a seatalk ng network. The network also has a c97 and an a65 on it. A b744v transducer is connected directly into the c97. The c97 serves as the master. Everything else on the i70 seems to be working just fine.

In addition to having trouble getting the i70 to display the depth, the depth on the c97 in very inconsistent. I have to reboot the c97 several times before it will pick up the depth. Interestingly the fish finder display works fine on the c97 and a65 but no depth display.

I have installed the lighthouse version updates to both the c97 and a65.

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When you are looking at a depth databox on the i70, is it showing zero or dashes?  How is the i70 connected to the c97 and a65?

Zero.. The i70 is connected to the network by backbone seatalk ng 

Is the depth available on the c97 fishfinder screen when it is showing zero on the i70?  What is the software levels on both the c97 and the a65?  They should be the same and the latest software is v7.43, and the i70 the latest is v1.25.

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"My husband moved the back end of our transducer down a little more and we went out for a little while on Sunday and it seems to have corrected our issue. If it happens again I'll be sure to let you know. We went "noodling" for catfish…"
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"Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Eugene, Please note that XX radar scanners are not compatible with C-Series Classic MFDs (C70, C80, C120).  Please click here to view the last Forum discussion in which I had addressed which radar…"
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"Thanks Mike, I would concur and suggest that the system be upgraded to the latest software, to the levels you have listed above. Rick, What is the drive pump you have in the vessel's hydraulic system, this will give me the information if the…"
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"David, I deleted your individual post, because we don't need the same issue being discussed in two locations.   OK, the voltage you tested on the Seatalk port of the course computer are the only relevant voltages, this would indicate that…"
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"How about a picture of the drive, and from the side to see if you can notice the distortion of the wheel drive?"
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"Richard, The relative size of NAVAIDs displayed within the E-Series Widescreen MFDs and new a/c/e/gS-Series MFDs are very similar, as this is a feature of the Navionics cartography libraries used in building the MFD's software.  Should the…"
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"No errors on the control head (ST6000) when you here the drive but no movement of the vessel?  This does sound like an issue with power to the autopilot or the course computer.  I would like to know the course computer model number and the…"
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Adding E125 to E120w and 90w system

I understand this can be done without getting all the advantages of the new e125, using the compatability mode. My biggest complaint with the wide series is the size of the icons, virtually unreadble, being too small.  Please confirm that the new e125 series addresses that issue.See More
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Dual Helm C120 Installation

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squeaking EV 100 wheel unit

I just installed a brand new EV 100 wheel autopilot on my Islander 32. During dockside commissioning we noticed squeaking and groaning. Took the cover off and checked all the drive components, adjusted the clutch to a few settings, but the noise persists, and I am unable to locate its source.I did find some black deposits on the plastic bearing surfaces that the belt guide rollers bear on, but very minimal. Also had some trouble deciding whether to use the 12 or 16mm wheel clamp inserts as ours…See More
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SPX10 and incorrect heading

Hello,My sailing boat is equipped with Raymarine autopilot SPX10 and I use ST70 to control it. The system has worked several years without problems, but yesterday the heading suddenly changed and didn't show the correct heading anymore. The heading ST70 is showing is now slowly changing between 40 and 80 degrees and doesn't seem to depend on the actual course.I removed the fluxgate compass and measured the resistances as instructed in the…See More
2 hours ago
Underway - Raymarine, US replied to L . Powell's discussion Rudder Position Sensor
"I can help you with the part numbers, I see Rudder sensor, and tiller pin, is the tiller pin for the drive?  What is the model number of the drive you are using? Or, is the tiller pin and ball joint you are referring to pieces of the rudder…"
2 hours ago
Underway - Raymarine, US replied to David Higby's discussion Autohelm ST7000/Type 1 Computer not working
"Unfortunately the Type 100 course computer is no longer repairable.  So, your options are, looking for a replacement Type 100 course computer through after market channels like Ebay, Craigslist, Marine Classifieds.  The other option would…"
2 hours ago

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