I'm having trouble getting my i70 to display depth. My i70 is connected to a seatalk ng network. The network also has a c97 and an a65 on it. A b744v transducer is connected directly into the c97. The c97 serves as the master. Everything else on the i70 seems to be working just fine.

In addition to having trouble getting the i70 to display the depth, the depth on the c97 in very inconsistent. I have to reboot the c97 several times before it will pick up the depth. Interestingly the fish finder display works fine on the c97 and a65 but no depth display.

I have installed the lighthouse version updates to both the c97 and a65.

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When you are looking at a depth databox on the i70, is it showing zero or dashes?  How is the i70 connected to the c97 and a65?

Zero.. The i70 is connected to the network by backbone seatalk ng 

Is the depth available on the c97 fishfinder screen when it is showing zero on the i70?  What is the software levels on both the c97 and the a65?  They should be the same and the latest software is v7.43, and the i70 the latest is v1.25.

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