I am planning to install speed and depth instrumentation.  The i50 Tridata unit seems to have what I'm looking for.  I have downloaded the manual, and have questions for you.
Is there a maximum displayable depth?  I have disqualified other makers' units that max out at 200 or 300 ft.
What frequencies are supported for depth transponder operation?  My Airmar B-60-20 is compatible with 200 or 50 kHz, and I would prefer to use 50 kHz to utilize the full range of the transponder's 1200 ft capability.
Is the speed function compatible with the Airmar CS4500 sensor (which I have seen listed with spade terminals for Raymarine connections)?
Thank you for your kind attention,
David Harwood

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The i50 does not have a max depth rating, but it only utilizes the 200 kHz frequency. The i50 instrument display was never tested with the CS4500 Ultra sonic speed sensor, because it was discontinued from the Raymarine product line before the display was introduced.  I will forward to the engineers if we have any test data with the CS4500 working with the previous ST60+ instrument display line, but you might want to contact GEM Electronics Co. they are Airmar's (transducer manufacturer) North American distributor, they might be able to confirm operation.  GEM Electronics can be reached at 803.693.0777.

After a multi-year refit, my boat launched last August.  I am now attempting installation of the i50 TriData instrument in stand-alone mode (no network).

Connections: 8 discreet connections on lower back of instrument. 1-3 for depth, 4-8 for speed (& temp).  2 locking cable terminals (each with six pins) on upper back.  Can the cable terminals be used directly for depth and speed/temp connections, or are they only for network use?

I have two short cables that fit the locking terminals:  one has identical fittings on both ends and would appear to connect all six pins; the other has a different fitting on one end and connects only three pins.  Also what appears to be a blanking piece with no cable.

The speed sensor has its own connection to 12 volt source.  Will the connection to i50 terminal 8 (Red Speed V+) also power the i50, or is a separate 12v connection required (perhaps through the locking cable terminals at top, using the cable with 3-pin connection)?

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