My I 60 display, just two months old, no longer displays any wind data.  It powers up, but the pointer remains frozen straight ahead, and the display window shows only dashed lines.

I have tried performing the self test, stages 1-4, as outlined in the downloaded installation and operations manual - but the unit will not enter the self test program as it should.

Have the procedures for running the self test been updated?  Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks - JG

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Hi John,

 Unfortunately, it sounds like we either have a wiring short or the i60 instrument has died. I would try the masthead wind transducer test and then if the masthead checks out, perform a factory reset. If you can't get into the dealer calibration menu or it still doesn't work after the reset, then I would pack the i60 display up and send it into the Raymarine service center.  


Thank you for sending the masthead test instructions.  I'm capable of doing that - I'll let you know what the test reveals.  Enjoy some NFL this weekend!  JG

My I60 shows that it is in "repeater" mode - how do I put it in "master" mode?  John

Hi John,

 The master / repeater role of the i60 wind is "auto sensed" as in if the masthead wind transducer is plugged directly into the back of the i60 then it should show master (r0), if the wind transducer is plugged into another i60 display or an iTC-5 then the display should show as a repeater(r1).

The i60 display shows r1 when I check it, though the masthead transducer is plugged directly into the back of the unit.  I have done a factory reset, or at least think I have - I changed the setting from F0 to F1,  powered down the unit then powered it back up.  Is there anything else you can suggest?  Thanks

Hi John,

 To perform a factory rest;

 After you change the setting from F0 to F1 and to exit the dealer calibration and save your changes you press and hold the Power and True / App buttons simultaneously for approximately 2 seconds.

 That being said, thus far the i60 is not seeing the masthead wind transducer. What were the masthead wind transducer readings? If they were in spec then your i60 wind display is unfortunately in need of repair. 

Masthead readings, before the failure, were in spec.  The failure did not occur suddenly, though.  For 5-6 days, we would have to power down the i60 and power it back up several times before it would show wind data.  That trick no longer works, though.

I certainly appreciate your continued assistance on this issue!  John



I have the same problem after 1 yr of using my i60.  What was your outcome.  Did the wind instrument fail?  Did you need to send it in for repair or did they give you a new one?  Was it covered under warranty?

I have a similar problem. The wind needle sometimes registers erratically and incorrectly but mostly is frozen in the 12 oclock position even though the vane is turned in a different direction and moving. The wind speed used to register erratically too but now just shows dashes. How can I determine what problem is?

ST60+ Similar problem

On yesterday's sail, our ST60+ wind instrument stopped showing either direction or speed, reverting to--- on display.  When powered up and then powered down, it showed speed and direction again briefly and then reverted to 0.0, then ---.  We performed suggested voltage tests at the instrument and found the following readings  - red 7.9v, blue 5.2v, green 6.7v, yellow 3.3v.   We powered up and down again, by removing and reattaching the seatalk connector which supplies power to the instrument.  We then got readings again, which lasted for almost ten minutes before reverting to 0.0 and ---.  Every now and then, at this point, the direction arrow will twitch, and the speed may show momentarily, but again reverts to 0.0 and ---.  The voltage was consistently just a little less than 8vdc, rather then 8+.  Could this be the problem?  Not sure why, tho, as tridata, powered by ST from the wind meter, is working fine.

I have made following measurements. Can someone advise if problem is ST60 Display unit , xducer or both?
Xducer cable only:
R-Shield. 21.6 k ohms
G-Shield. 38.6 k ohms
B-Shield. 6.1 ohms
Y-Shield. 65.4 k ohms

Instrument only powered by network
R-Shield. 8v DC
G-Shield. 0.001 v DC
B-Shield. 0.001 v DC
Y-Shield. 8.0 v DC

Instrument powered with xducer connected:
R-Shield. 8 v DC
G-Shield. 5.6 v DC
B-Shield. -0.03 v DC
Y-Shield. 3.6 v AC. Not DC

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