I have a Raymarine RL70C with software version 4.11 connected to a Raymarine L760 with the chart slots, software version 4.11 also. Neither unit recognizes the other one is on the network. I have sent the L760 in for a sonar problem. Raymarine fixed that problem and tested the HSB2 communication. They said working properly. I have changed the cable and done the resistance tests on the pins. All look normal. Is there anything else I can try before sending the RL70C in for testing? 

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I would like to follow ... just a thought are Seatalks connected ? and HSB terminators ? I am sure one of the techs will address this soon

Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Larry,

  • Verify that the hsb² network is properly terminated (i.e. 2 hsb2 inline terminators only and the terminators are installed in the end units).  If the display's hsb2 port is gray, then no hsb2 inline terminator has been installed in the display's port.  If the display's hsb2 port is black, then you are looking are the male end of a hsb2 inline terminator.  
  • Verify that all Pathfinders are PLUS units and have v4.11 software installed (it has been noted that both of your displays have v4.11 software)
  • Verify that all hsb cables are securely seated and have proper strain relief
  • Verify that there are no damaged hsb² cables by visually inspecting and performing continuity tests
  • Verify that there are no sharp bends (<6 inch diameter) in the hsb² cables
  • If the system contains more than 2 hsb² nodes, attempt fault isolation to identify the faulty component (i.e. connect 2 nodes at time to verify interaction between the components)
  • Verify that no more than 2 C-Map SW+ regions are being served on the hsb² network. 
  • Perform resistance tests and continuity tests of the hsb² components:
    • Terminators (uninstalled from hsb² port): 120 +/- 2 ohms across the HSVB_POS & HSVB_NEG pins (see page 8-24 of the hsb2 Plus Series Color LCD Display Owner's Manual
    • Pathfinders (power off): 2200 +/- 50 ohms across the HSVB_POS & HSVB_NEG pins
    • Terminators (installed): values should drop by approximately 5 ohms from the value measured prior to installation
    • For multiple display systems, with the system's hsb² displays reconnected to the hsb² network and the Pathfinder PC disconnected from the hsb² network, measure the resistance of the network through the hsb² cable:

Displays Resistance










If these tests identify the problematic component, then it should be sent to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to be serviced. If all of these items are within the specifications listed above and fault isolation fails to identify the problematic component, send each of the hsb² components and as much of cabling as can easily be removed to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to be tested as a system.

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