The wheel rapidly spins back and forth, even on the lowest response setting, with my new EV-1 and hydraulic linear drive.  When motoring and there is very little load on the helm, a small correction will start the drive pumping back and forth and the wheel spinning back and forth.  If I put my hand on the wheel for a moment to stop the spinning everything is fine for awhile.

This does not happen when the helm is loaded up--when I'm sailing and there is a little bit of pressure on the helm.

The steering system is pretty tight--there is very little play between the wheel and quadrant.  There is a little bit of play, but not a lot, between the drive and the quadrant (maybe 1/8"??)

EV-1 course computer, P70 display, Raymarine rudder sensor and third-party hyrdraulic linear drive.

I don't know if the forum will allow me to attach two short videos--but I'll try.  One is the wheel and you can see I start the spinning back-and-forth by giving the wheel a little turn.  The other is a shot of the drive and quadrant when this is happening.

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What is the ACU being used in the system?  What is the model number of the 3rd party hydraulic linear drive?

I'm using the EV-400 sail and the driver from an older Robertson AP.

Do you have a model number of the Robertson drive?  I need to know information on it to understand the issue.

The markings on the drive are worn off or were painted over but it appears to be a Robertson HLD200L.  

Product listing


I moved the pin that the rudder sensor connects 4 or 5 inches further out on the steering quadrant--further from the rudder post.  This means movement of the rudder produces a larger movement of the rudder indicator than it had previously.  

This seems to have helped a little--the wheel doesn't start the cycling back and forth very often when motoring in a straight line.  But if i put in a course change it starts up again.  

It seems like the rudder sensor picks up a small random movement of the rudder and the drive responds with a correction too quickly.  Then the rudder indicator picks up that overcorrection and moves the rudder back in the other direction and a feedback loops starts.

I also took the wheel off the pedestal while underway and although I still get this behavior, it isn't as bad.  The mass and momentum of the wheel seem to make it worse.

I've checked the steering components carefully (again) and everything is snug and operating correctly. 

Try changing the Response level you have set in the system?  What is the current Response you have set now?

That was the first thing I tried.  It's on leisure.

OK, how about the Rudder Damping number, under MENU>SETUP>AUTOPILOT CALIBRATION>DRIVE SETTINGS.

Hmmm....I haven't seen that setting but it sounds like exactly what I need.  I'll check it out next time I'm on the boat.

You want to make sure you are at the latest version of software, for the system, p70, EV-1 and ACU-100.

It looks like I do not.  My display is 2.12 and the latest is 2.17.  

I'm a little confused about my EV-1--my notes say the software I have is 1.11, but it doesn't appear on the Raymarine website that there is such a version.

At any rate, I have a C series classic MFD so it doesn't look like I can use it to update the software.  So what should I do?

Without a compatible Raymarine MFD your options are;

  • bring the Raymarine electronics components to the Raymarine dealer from whom they were purchased ... recommend contacting the dealer before removing any equipment from the boat
  • hire a certified Raymarine installer to visit the vessel
  • send the Raymarine electronics components to Raymarine's Product Repair Center

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