I installed an SPX10 and ST70 on my powerboat. The SPX10 is mounted vertically. The fluxgate compass is mounted low in the bow of the boat, facing forward, and away from any ferrous metals; and is connected to the SPX10. The SPX10 has good voltage/power from the batteries. The SPX10 is connected via SeaTalkNG spur to the SeaTalkng backbone. The ST70 is also connected via SeaTalkNG spur to the backbone. SeaTalkNG T-joints are properly terminated with end caps. The second ST70 port is properly terminated.

My boat already had an E120 with RayStar 125. The E120 is connected via SeaTalkNG spur to the SeaTalkNG backbone. The RayStar  125 is connected to the E120.


The E120 displays the proper "Autopilot STBY" icon at the top of the screen and, when setting a "Go To" waypoint" it also gives me the option to engage the autopilot. So it seems the E120 is talking with the SPX10. Note, however, in the E120, when I check for external SeaTalk devices it correctly shows the DSM and RayStar 125, but when I check for external SeaTalkNG devices it incorrectly shows NO devices (even though the Autopilot Standby icon shows on the main screen).

CALIBRATION -- Auto Lean Failing

The dockside calibration works smooth: The motor phase works great. The dive motor turns the outboard engines. The problem is with the sea trial calibration. The compass has okay deviation of 4 degrees. The GPS alignment seems to work fine. BUT, the Auto Lean zig zag test always fails. The boat says learning 1, then learning 2, upon which the boat starts a turn to starboard, then turns harder to starboard, almost circles, and then the Auto Learn test fails!!!


I've tested a few things. I'll take the boat out at 15-20 knots, and put the cursor a few miles ahead, and ise "Auto" in the E120 and the same thing happens each time. The boat slowly goes off course. The drive motor will steer the boat off course and never find the course again.

Also, when I try the same thing except use "Track > Auto" in the ST70, I get a response in the ST70 "No Data Fix"?

It seems to me that the E120 is awful slow. When I turn the boat, the screen orientation updates very slowly. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have so rarely ever had an out of the box failure that I'm thinking you really need to start over and check EVERYTHING.  Don't assume that anything is correct. 

I've been here and done that.  Your not the only one to hit a brick wall after you've made a simple little mistake and it took you way off course.

Good luck.  :>

I concur with TJ's suggestion above.  Let us know the outcome.  Thanks again TJ for your insightful responses.

I did the compass test this past weekend. It works great. All OHM readings correct.

I checked everything again. I can't see any problems with the autopilot. Also, the +/- 10 steers the hydraulics either was manually so hydraulics seem fine.

OBSERVATION: The GPS and/or the E120 is very slow. For example, if I turn the boat from 0 to 90 degrees according to the magnetic compass, the E120 COG degrees does not "catch up" or read 90 degrees correctly for about 1 full minute after my boat has physically already achieved the completion of the turn to 90 degrees. Along the same lines, my magnetic compass, E120 COG, and ST70 compass take forever to align after a turn...I can have them all synced up (except for magnetic variation), make a turn, and then they all take minutes between them to catch up: magnetic compass in real-time, COG after a minute, and the ST70 heading sometimes seems to spin around and then after 4-5 minutes reads correct.

I've ready other comments by folks that the old E120 units are slow. Mine is a 2004 or 2005 (w fresh software), but still it seems slow. Someone else suggested using SeaTalk instead of SeaTalkNG thinking that might be the problem?

Ive done a few with your setup. I have never used Seatalk NG for connection.  I would definitely use plain seatalk.  Funny, it would have been a 5 minute install to use seatalk.  --- three wires, done.

Just use the older seatalk and I bet this will be a non-issue. 

I thought I would update anyone following this post. The autopilot is now fixed. The problem has been identified. I hired a marine electronics specialist who brought a new SPX10 computer. He installed the new SPX10 in place of mine (leaving everything else in place: fluxgate, drive motor, wiring, SeaTalkNG, etc.) and the commissioning processed worked and now so does the autopilot system. The autopilot works great!

Great to hear you are up and running, thanks for the update.  Thanks TJ once again for the good information.  Happy Boating.

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