I have a DSM300 connected to an E120 mfd (classic) thru a Seatalk HS router. On power-up of the dsm the following occurs:


Immediately followed by amber light

Then 2 amber flashes

Then 8 amber flashes

meanwhile, at the router the right LED is steady while the left flashes - until they both go dark. When they do, the error 'DSM Connection Lost' displays for a few seconds until the process starts over.


It seems like a connection is made, but not maintained. I have tried diffent ports in the router but the behavior is the same.


Can anyone help me determine the cause?








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Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Joe,

This subject was previously addressed in forum discussion Loss of connection - no data.  Should you have addressed each of the items called out within the Moderator's response (including attachment), then it is recommended that the DSM be serviced by Raymarine's Product Repair Center.

I upgraded the dsm to v4.20 and the bootloader to 5.18. The mfd is using v5.52


After upgrading, the error codes have changed ... the device now does the following:

2 amber blinks

1 long red

1 long amber

mfd shows 'DSM Connection Lost'

then after a pause the process starts over


I am reading 12.45v, all connections are tight, I replaced the connection at the breaker.





Thanks for the follow-up information Joe,

Click here to view the Forum discussion which had previously addressed this subject.  Should you have addressed all of the installation items and tightened the socket nuts as specified within the referenced discussion, then it is recommended that the DSM be sent to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.

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