I was wondering if you could assist me with my DSM issues I have had for over a year now since I bought my Grady White. I have a networked E120 MFD and the DSM has been giving me fits. I most recently rewired it using all 12ga wire and soldered connections to a new battery. I am still getting the DSM connection lost errors and the screen freezing. I have an inline 10a switch and even using that to reboot the DSM it goes right back to locking up. It will recover on its own sometimes but once it starts acting up on a trip then its all downhill from there. This seems to happen later in a trip so I wonder if its heat related. I never turn the engines off so voltage of the battery or current should not be an issue. I don't think I have a bad cable or it would be doing it early in the trip as well. I also wonder if I have one of the units that had the solder joint issues. The last tech I spoke with wanted me to send it in to Raymarine but I run charters and want to make sure I have exhausted all other options before taking my boat down to send this unit in. I also am running the most up to date software on both the MFD and the DSM. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Also, can you tell me the serial number range that had the solder joint issues? Thanks. 

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Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Joe,

We're sorry to learn of the problem reported with your system.  This subject was previously addressed in forum discussion Loss of connection - no data.  Should you have addressed each of the items called out within the Moderator's response (including attachment), then it is recommended that the DSM be serviced by Raymarine's Product Repair Center.

Thanks, but I did do the search and performed all those tests and checks. I was looking to see if I could find the serial numbers I inquired about. I cannot find that list anywhere on this forum or otherwise on the Internet.
I had DSM errors on my unit anytime the system voltage dropped below a certain level. Adding power by either cranking engines or switching to fresh batteries would always solve it immediately.


There was not systemic issue regarding solder joints with the DSMs and as such no serial number range can be provided.  Should you have addressed all of the items addressed within the Loss of connection - no data discussion, then the DSM should be sent to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to be bench tested/serviced. 

Danny Engle said:

I performed all those tests and checks. I was looking to see if I could find the serial numbers I inquired about. I cannot find that list anywhere on this forum or otherwise on the Internet.

Good comment Thom,

As addressed within the Loss of connection - no data discussion, the DSM30/300 can place a significant load on the vessel's batteries.  Should there be any concerns that a problem is being caused by insufficient power, then we will recommend that customers attempt to duplicate the problem while connected to shore power after having fully charged the batteries.  Should the problem not occur while connected to shore power, then it would typically indicate that the issue is being caused by insufficient power.

Thom Guyton said:

I had DSM errors on my unit anytime the system voltage dropped below a certain level. Adding power by either cranking engines or switching to fresh batteries would always solve it immediately.

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