I have a new Dragonfly  model E7008 which I just installed on a small Keywest 176

I  loose bottom lock at speeds above 5 mph. I have tried several different locations for the transducer. I setup an arrangement using a 1x3 by 4ft extension which allows me to move the transducer without drilling new holes each time. I even tried clamping it on the side , well away from the motor etc. That didn't help, same results.

Ant thoughts would be appreciated.

Fred   Lighthouse Point, Fl.

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Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Fred,

Please add some digital photos to the discussion showing

  • the transom of the vessel,
  • underside of the hull (looking forward from the transom, and
  • a side profile of the transducer mounted on the transom.

It is very difficult to take the pictures you have requested since the boat is in the water. I have never had this issue before with either thru hull or transom mounted transducers, is there something that that makes this xducer very sensitive ? What should I look for?

As I stated I can easily move the transducer since it is on a temporary mounting arrangement. I notice there is a fair amount of slop in the  transducer mounting bracket, could that be causing the problem?



The mount of the Dragronfly/CP100 transom mounted transducers features lash ... this is normal, and will permit the trailing end of the transducer to have as much as 1/2" of vertical play.  When operating in CHIRP mode, bottom should be maintained to well over 30 kts.  However, DownVision is a slow speed feature and you should not expect it function at speeds much greater than you have indicated.  Many have reported that the system functions best with the transducer's leading edge approximately one half of its thickness below the hull and its trailing edge angled slight downward.

Other than the guidelines provided above, it would be necessary to see some photos to make any further recommendations.

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