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Airmar triducer to tridata

Started by Antonio Macina in Instruments. Last reply by Antonio Macina 12 minutes ago. 5 Replies

Hi people,I came in possession of a Airmar triducer (intelligent tri), part number 20 435 01 from a tack tick system.it has 7 wires coming out of it: red, screen, white, brown, green, black, blue.I…Continue

RD218 and C80 Radar problem

Started by Frank K in Radar 1 hour ago. 0 Replies

I have had my RD218 and C80 for a few years now.  This year in spring for some reason the range on the radar has decreased so now it is only showing out 1 mile.  Regardless of where I am, the radar…Continue

Tags: C80, RD218

X-5 Smartpilot

Started by Matt McDonnell in Autopilots. Last reply by Wilfried Oude Vrielink 3 hours ago. 2 Replies

Recently replaced old x-5 wheel pilot with new unit. (The old pilot had many hours on it & the motor was failing) The new pilot was working well until we had the oppressive heat wave in the…Continue

St6002+ compatable with Raytheon Type 300?

Started by Jim East in Pre-Sales 4 hours ago. 0 Replies

Morning:Anyone know if the St60002+ is compatible with the Raytheon Type 300 course computer (12v)?Continue




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Latest Activity

Frank K posted a discussion

RD218 and C80 Radar problem

I have had my RD218 and C80 for a few years now.  This year in spring for some reason the range on the radar has decreased so now it is only showing out 1 mile.  Regardless of where I am, the radar return only goes out that far.  I have a attached not the best picture (it was clipped from a video), but you can see the circular range limit reasonably well.  It displays like this wherever I am and the radar does not show any targets beyond the 1 mile circle.  It did not do this last year.Any idea…See More
4 minutes ago
Jim East posted a discussion

St6002+ compatable with Raytheon Type 300?

Morning:Anyone know if the St60002+ is compatible with the Raytheon Type 300 course computer (12v)?See More
4 minutes ago
Paul Mermelstein posted a discussion

Reduce steps when using autopilot controls on a/c/e series MFD

When changing almost any navigation parameter (GOTO, FOLLOW, Restart XTE, etc.) and the system is in Track mode, the number of steps involved with changing the autopilot to respond is excessive. Too many dialog boxes about "standby/auto/track" and "are you sure" types of questions. Probably around 5 steps or so. My old RL series was much more efficient. Please consider reducing the number of "clicks" to allow the autopilot to reset the track to the new Navigation command.Thanks.See More
4 minutes ago
Mark Eberlein posted a discussion

axius autopilot Waypoint Sequencing

I need help or suggestion where to go for help. I'm getting the run around / finger pointing from Searay, raymarine, Cummins and local boat yard. I have a 2010 470 sundancer with cummins motors and Zeus pods. e125 reymarine chart plotter with 10.41 for software updated last weekend. I don't know if it worked before or not. had ver3.41 It has a Mercury Axius for autopilot Auto heading seems to work fine. Skyhook most of the time works fine sometimes it just takes off an doesn't hold position.…See More
4 minutes ago
Kevin J. O'Brien posted a discussion

Raymarine C80 Trunnion Bracket Kit

I am looking for a C80 Classic Trunnion Bracket Kit.  If these are no longer available, is there another Trunnion Bracket Kit that will fit the C80?See More
4 minutes ago
Morgan Andrew posted a discussion

CP450 TVG operation

Hi thereI have been learning a lot over the last few trips how important the correct TVG setting is to the picture even more so than altering the gain levels. while motoring and in deeper water (500m) I have to play with the setting a lot to clean the picture outI noticed in the recent software release you talk about "inverting TVG" does this mean 0% and 100%  are now the other way around?Can you explain the Meaning of TVG and how to correctly set ie what TVG actually adjusts.and also what TVG…See More
4 minutes ago
Robert OBrien posted a discussion

connecting gps to autopilot

I have an SPX-10 linear drive auto pilot with a ST-70 unit attached, these are installed in the 36 foot sailboat.  I have in my possession, on land, a E90W chart plotter.  I have a RS130 GPS receiver.  I discovered that the RS130 would not work directly from the E90W and was told, by the Raymarine Tech, that connectivity was to be established through a Raymarine E22158 Sea Talk 1 to Sea TalkNG Converter kit.  I purchased same for $98.49, this of course after the $294.99 for the RS130. …See More
4 minutes ago
Shozo Yoshihara posted a discussion

Resuming route

When following a route ("A" to "B"), I often have to put autopilot (with E-120 display) in Standby and steer manually to avoid another boat (or whatever).  After finishing the avoiding maneuver, I would like to resume the route to "B".  I was told by a local dealer that the only way to get back on the route (line) is to manually steer the boat back onto the line first then "Resume".  Is it true that pressing "Resume" when off route will result in heading to "B" from that position rather than…See More
5 minutes ago
Gus Gillespie posted a discussion

Autohelm 3000 repair

My AH3000 beeps when plugged in and the red light comes on, but there is no output to the motor.  Is there anyplace I can get the unit repaired, or at least get a schematic to give to a technician?See More
5 minutes ago
brian posted a discussion

help with using the fishfinder on c125

hi guys I got a raymarine c125 with the cp100 I really thought this unit would be great and maybe it is but I just cant figure out what I am looking at... I told the guy at west marine where I bought it from that im not that familiar with all this stuff and im looking for the best fishfinder in my price range he said the c125 with chirp whatever that is but anyway can anyone give me a few tips? im sure i might be over looking some things thanks BrianSee More
5 minutes ago
Bob Bilodeau posted a discussion

Calibrating Issue with spx10 using ST70

TroubleDockside calibration of the SPX10 using either ST70 is not possible because the Dockside Calibration screen is neither rendered automatically or is not manually accessible from the Advanced Options menu on either ST70.  The v2.2 ST70 will not accept a 3.4 upgrade.It is interesting to note that at no time has either ST70 shown an error screen indicating that there is "No Pilot" present; but I don’t see any spx10 statistics under Diagnostics/About Display on either ST70, so I am not able…See More
5 minutes ago
martin raphael posted a discussion

Adding Fusion stereo

Hello - I am installing a Fusion 700 series stereo and wish to use it with my e7 display.  Fusion asks ff your marine stereo is using FUSION-Link to connect to a MFD (Multi-Function-Display) please check with your MFD manufacturer to ensure that their software is compatible with Release 3360. If the software on the MFD is not compatible with this release your marine stereo or the MFD may not operate correctly. In this case, please ensure that your stereo uses Release 2785.Can you let me know if…See More
5 minutes ago
Tom posted a discussion

Transducer Airmar 35-001-1-41

2007 Centurion Eclipse. The transducer went bad. I need to find a replacement but can't find one anywhere that matches the model # 35-001-1-41  SN0031.Please helpSee More
5 minutes ago
Robert Gerol posted a discussion

EV200 autopilotat slow speeds

I recently purchased a Raymarine  EV200 autopilot (w/hydraulic pump) for use on my 280 Baha Sport Fisherman. The boat is powered by twin 302 Pleasurecraft  engines and a 25HP Yamaha trolling motor. The hydraulic steering is set up with an inline switch that enables steering to be applied to either the boats rudders or the trolling motor. The boat is used for Great Lakes Salmon fishing which requires trolling speeds of 2.0 to 2.4 mph speeds that are easily attained and controlled by the trolling…See More
5 minutes ago
Mark Coleman posted a discussion

Rudder reference issues on pro staff boat

I've run the Raymarine linear rr on several of our charter boats and they've eventually failed. Now I'm converting to the Tele smart stick. I installed one and I'm not getting it to work correctly on the system. Not only does the AP not function as it should with a rr in place, the rudder indicator on the e165 shows it a few degrees to port all the time and the indicator bar sits there and fibulates back and forth just a degree or two. Back and forth. On the st70 the rr will show on the network…See More
5 minutes ago
Arougoo Adams posted a discussion

AIS 650

Which VHF antenna splitter does Raymarine recommends for using a single antenna shared by AIS650 transponder and 25w VHF radio? See More
6 minutes ago

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